Your Session

How long will the session be?

Full sessions last approximately one hour.  Since session times are limited to one hour, please try to arrive at the location of the session a few minutes early so late arrivals will not be taken out of the session time.

Where will the session take place?

All Julianne Grace Photography photo sessions take place outside in a natural light setting at a location of the client's choice in the Oklahoma City metro area.  Sessions will only be scheduled during the morning or evening hours as this offers the best lighting for outdoor sessions.  Sessions for babies only from the age of 1 and under can be done inside at my in home studio of chosen to do so.

How will weather impact the session?

As almost all sessions are done outdoors, weather can always play a factor in the session.  As everyone knows the Oklahoma weather can be crazy!  Since the weather can chance so much in Oklahoma, sessions will typically only be rescheduled if it is rainy or stormy.  So if it is cold, hot or windy please dress and prepare for the session accordingly.

What should we wear?

As you can tell from my images, I LOVE color! With that said, I always tell my clients that colors, prints, textures and layers make for the best pictures.  Scarves, necklaces, tights and bows always make for a nice contrast of layers and colors for ladies and girls! Everyone's outfit colors do not need to match, but just coordinate with an overall color theme.

What do I owe and when do I pay?

Please check the investments page here on my website for current prices.  The remaining session balance is due the day of the session and may be paid by cash, check or paypal.

What to expecct after the shoot?

Editing time is typically 2-3 weeks.  Once I have finished editing your session, I will create a password protected online gallery for your viewing.  The high resolution digital images will be available to download from your online gallery directly to your computer.  The download will include all of the images in your gallery and comes with a print release.

How can I purchase professional prints?

Once your online image gallery is availabe, very affordable professional prints can be purchased from the gallery.  This is doen so by selecting the shopping cart icon on each individual image that you would like to purchase.  Once selected, you will have the option of selecting the size and finish type of the print.  Though you will receive a print release for your images, it is highly recommended that you use a professional print copmany so that the full quality and high resolution of the images can be captured for you.